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He ran for a transporter and Sheppard shot him but not before he entered the transporter and transported to the Mess hall. The characters from the Canadian military science fiction television series Stargate Atlantis … On the way to the Jumper, a Wraith Dart came through the gate. Colonel John Sheppard and Dr. Rodney McKay. Set pre-EATG. Later, it was determined that the visions were caused by a swarm of Flagisallus that was attempting to communicate. Once he entered the mess hall the cities senors detected the virus and the city entered a quarantine lockdown. Once they were alone Tyrus stopped her from freeing anyone and killed a man asking for help. Fortunately, the Poros came and drove the prisoners back allowing the team to retreat to the Jumper. She revealed that there was a Wraith Queen and it took control of her. (SGA: "Allies", "No Man's Land", "Misbegotten"), When Lucius Lavin came to Atlantis, he came under the influence of Lucius' herb. TV Shows. Rank Suddenly, a Wraith cruiser approaches and McKay attempts to dial the gate but the power has cut out. He had a wife and chil… They began to suffocate from the ash but were beamed to Daedalus on its return. Wie Weir musste sie eine starke, empathische Anführerin sein. Aber sie benötigte auch etwas Wichtigeres – im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes eine außerirdische Qualität, die sie einzigartig machte. After the briefing, Sheppard took her shopping and then to his apartment. Subtitles. She and her team traveled to the planet and discovered a Wraith Lab. Menu. Later when Bates was attacked, she was questioned by Sheppard but denied her involvement. Diese Stadt könnte der Schlüssel zu Technologie sein, die den Kampf gegen die Goa'uld entscheiden könnte. When Jinto accidentally released the Shadow creature, she had the idea to allow the creature to go through the Stargate to M4X-337. Teyla Emmagan ist eine junge Frau die nicht von der Erde stammt, sondern vom Planeten Athos in der Pegasus-Galaxie. Zu den vielen anderen Schauspielerinnen, die vorsprachen, gehören, Ebenfalls gab es kurzzeitig Pläne, Sheppard zum Vater von Teylas Kind zu machen, nachdem man entschieden hatte, Teylas Stabkämpfe waren ursprünglich in keinem Skript enthalten. She may have Wraith DNA mixed in there somewhere, but Teyla Emmagan has become a tried and true member of the Stargate Atlantis team. They returned to Atlantis and were informed by Dr. Elizabeth Weir that the Long range sensors had detected three Wraith Hive ships. Sheppard was able to convince him that they were not enemies and that Beckett could remove the Wraith tracker. Nachdem das Stargate Atlantis Team bereits zum wiederholten Mal auf einer Mission von den grausamen Wraith überrascht wurde, macht sich Misstrauen breit. She, Sheppard and Ronon attempted to fight them off but were overrun. Dr. Carson Beckett was able to repair the damage rather easily. Soon after, when Kell came to Belkan to trade, Ronon had Teyla set up a meeting and shot him on sight. Discover (and save!) With help from Waterlight and Bronze, Teyla was able to reach Queen Death and engaged her in a mental duel. They are captured and restrained by the leader Torrell. (SGA: "The Defiant One"), While sparring in the Atlantis gym with Major John Sheppard, a team of scientists released an Ancient nanovirus. Sheppard succeeded in gathering the eggs and Beckett developed a cure. Teyla has a rare ability to sense the Wraith, due to one of her ancestors having Wraith DNA spliced into their genetic makeup. (SGA: "Sunday"), After Dr. Rodney McKay discovered a Geothermal Mobile drilling platform, she and her team along with a group of scientists traveled by Puddle Jumper to the ocean floor. Fortunately, this was all an illusion created by the inhabitants of the planet and she never left Pegasus. Ford was then shot with a tranquilizer dart and knocked out by Commander Acastus Kolya's men. Dies ist ein privater Verkauf, daher keine Garantie und Rücknahme. When some of Sheppard's deceased friends began to arrive, he knew something was wrong and shot one of them to see if they were real. This was proven true when Dr. Carson Beckett found Wraith DNA on Bates' uniform. Verkauft wird das, was auf dem Fotos zu sehen ist. They also discovered Bug Pods and were attacked by Bug People. She, with the assistance of Dr. Carson Beckett and Lt. Aiden Ford, evacuated the Athosians from the mainland. Once she was alone with Ronon, she attacked him and knocked him unconscious. She was part of the team sent on a mission to M6H-491 to retrieve more herb for Lucius. Phoebus entered the room and held her at gunpoint. (SGA: "Unascended", "The Third Path"). Upon returning to the city, the Asurans fired Drone weapons at their Puddle Jumper. Ronon was almost defeated until the timely intervention of Beckett and a Drone weapon. Ronon Dex offered his help in killing it but Lt. Dr. Elizabeth Weir was able to translate the Wraith language and discovered the Wraith Scientist was splicing Wraith DNA into Humans and she has a small amount of Wraith DNA in her genetic makeup. When the prisoners attacked, Ronon was shot in the ankle with an arrow. They were successful and able to capture Steve. When he said he felt she should not be allow to roam the city unescorted, she slugged him and Sheppard and Ford had to separate them. She, Ronon Dex and Dr. Rodney McKay were dosed with the Wraith enzyme. There are a lot of things to work out, including how much trust can be passed around. Aiden Ford, Samantha Carter | George Hammond | Daniel Jackson | Hank Landry | Vala Mal Doran | Cameron Mitchell | Jack O'Neill | Jonas Quinn | Teal'c, Carson Beckett | Samantha Carter | Ronon Dex | Teyla Emmagan | Aiden Ford | Jennifer Keller | Rodney McKay | John Sheppard | Elizabeth Weir | Richard Woolsey, Chloe Armstrong | Ronald Greer | Tamara Johansen | Nicholas Rush | Matthew Scott | David Telford | Eli Wallace | Camile Wray | Everett Young, aus Stargate Wiki, dem deutschsprachigen Stargate-Lexikon, „Die Rolle von Teyla Emmagan war schwierig zu besetzen. After the team of Marines from Earth arrived, Colonel Dillon Everett visited her in the gym and told her to stay out of the way because of chance she might be taken over by the Wraith. A new Stargate team, lead by Dr. Elizabeth Weir (Torri Higginson) embarks on a dangerous mission to a distant galaxy , where they discover the mythical lost city of Atlantis -- and a deadly new enemy that feeds on human fear. They were rescued by Lt. When Halling wished to move to the mainland, she decided to stay in the city and was concerned for them. They were then lead to the city and greeted by the Magistrate. Once inside, Sheppard found a necklace that she had lost years before. Colonel John Sheppard was captured by Commander Acastus Kolya and feed on by a Wraith, she was part of the team sent to raid a suspected Genii safe house but it was empty. While approaching the Hive the Dart went on Autopilot and forced Sheppard to unload his cargo blind. AthosiansTau'riAtlantis expeditionWraithTodd's Alliance (Beckett had enough of seeing Ronon go through that and killed the Wraith saying "if he doesn't like it he can shoot me".) He intended to allow an Iratus bug to feed on her but was saved by Ronon Dex. Teyla is forced to deal with the suspicions of the Commander while waiting in a Nebula for Todd's ship to catch up with them. She and Major Evan Lorne attempted to shoot down the Wraith Dart but failed. She then joined the rest of her team on an ambush to capture a Wraith on the same planet. They awoke tied up in a cave. Since childhood, Kanaan had realized he was among the few members of his people who possessed Wraith mental abilities. Teyla has a good friendship with all of the members of her team, Lt. On their way back to the Stargate, their Jumper was shot down by the prisoners. Aufgrund seiner Erfahrungen mit den Wraith in der Vergangenheit ist er sehr misstrauisch gegenüber ihnen, auch gegenüber Todd. When he discovered his true nature, she and her team took him to the Alpha Site. Colonel John Sheppard kidnapped Dr. Carson Beckett, she, Ronon Dex and Dr. Rodney McKay searched the mainland for them and brought them back to Atlantis. When Ladon Radim requested she and Ronon Dex work with the Genii in fighting the Wraith, Ronon refused but she was open to it. (SGA: "Hot Zone"), On a mission to Proculus, her team's Puddle Jumper was attacked by Wraith Darts. The two battle each other with knives and hand to hand. When Otho prepared to wipe out the village, she organized the villagers to defend themselves. They traveled to Sateda on the Daedalus and found Ronon in an abandoned hospital. In „Stargate SG-1“ bekamen wir die ersten Hinweise. Actress She and Ronon Dex tried to pull him out but were unsuccessful. After firing on the other Hive and forcing them to fight, Sheppard headed for the Spacegate and traveled to an uninhabited planet to release her and Ronon. (SGA: "Trinity"), On a mission to an unnamed planet, she learned that the villagers were being terrorized by what they call the Daimos. Dr. Elizabeth Weir radios from a cloaked Jumper that the cruiser is damaged but two more are closing in. Seine Verschwiegenheit löste hauptsächlich bei Dr. Elizabeth Weir mehrfach Irritation und Missverständnisse aus. Große Loyalität zeichnet ihn aus, was sich in seiner Zeit in Sheppards Team zeigte. In the Atlantis infirmary Teyla decides to name her son Torren John, after her father and Sheppard. Dies erinnert an Jack O’Neillaus Stargate SG-1. Rivermoon1970 March 19, 2017 August 1, 2020 Criminal Minds, Dr. Elizabeth Weir/Radek Zelenka, NCIS, Rodney McKay/John Sheppard, Spencer Reid/OFC, Stargate: Atlantis, Stargate: SG1, Teyla Emmagan/Ronon Dex, The Sentinel He took her hostage and traveled to another planet. While she had previously been defeated by Coldamber in a similar situation, Teyla was now more experienced and less frightened of her powers than before. However, by the time the last of the hunters arrived at the Puddle Jumper, the storm was about to hit and Beckett insisted he lacked the skill to fly through it. Verpackung und Versand. Sheppard was forced to shoot the Wraith to stop him. The team is then able to retake the Jumper and McKay works on the Dial Home Device. After the two Hives attacked the Daedalus and Lt. She was teamed up with Beckett to use a Jumper to distract the Genii in Stargate Operations but on the way to the Jumper bay Beckett was knocked out by Sora Tyrus, who wanted to be alone with Teyla, so she could avenge her father's death. Teyla shared them, allowing them to quickly bond and become close friends. 27.04.2019 - Erkunde Mike Ziegenhardts Pinnwand „TEYLA“ auf Pinterest. TV-PG. Colonel John Sheppard was able to shoot it down. While fleeing back to the ship, Major John Sheppard was attacked by an Iratus bug. She was saved when Lt. Zum Verkauf steht hier eine Stargate Sg 1 Atlantis figur, Teyla ca.9cm, Neu IN OVP. Once in a cell the group managed to escape by using his knives to hit the door controls but they were quickly captured. They headed back to the Stargate but everyone but Dr. Rodney McKay were shot with tranquilizer darts. Lieutenant Colonel John Sheppard ist Pilot der US Air Force und mathematisch sowie fliegerisch äußerst begabt. She was able to give Thalan the stunner and he shot Phoebus. Hintergrund zur Serie: Die US-Science-Fiction-Serie 'Stargate Atlantis' wurde in den Jahren 2004 bis 2009 von Brad Wright und Robert C. Cooper gedreht. Teyla managed to drag him through the gate to safety. Teyla Emmagan is the leader of the Athosians, a human race of farmers, hunters, and traders from the planet Athos in the Pegasus Galaxy. She then dials Atlantis and the team along with Eldon escape the planet. He tells him that 300 more Satedans managed to make it to the shelters west of the capital, and later moved to other planets like Belkan and Manaria. Unfortunately, the prisoners returned and attacked. Back on Atlantis, Beckett discovers that he was infected by the retrovirus and began to change into a creature like Ellia. When the Daedalus arrived and simulated a battle, she convinced Baden of the ruse by telling him the Puddle Jumper was destroyed. Colonel John Sheppard recognized that Lt. Aiden Ford was responsible and took his team and Lorne's team to the planet to search for him. July 15, 2004. She and the team woke up in a cage and Ronon Dex remembered having come to his planet as a Runner. Sora, eine Genii, macht Teyla für den Tod ihres Vaters verantwortlich und will um jeden Preis Rache. Dr. Rodney McKay discovered the doorway was to a Time dilation field. Eventually, Orin and his family arrived and left for Atlantis, but not without casualties the Wraith. Die gefährliche Mission führt das Atlantis-Team weit hinein ins Universum - weiter, als jemals zuvor ein Mensch gewesen ist. Lt. During the second wave, most of her team was stunned and her radio was damaged. (SGA: "Coup D'etat"), Her team captured a Wraith, later to be known as Michael Kenmore and tested the Iratus bug retrovirus on him. Colonel John Sheppard, Dr. Elizabeth Weir, Dr. Rodney McKay and Dr. Carson Beckett came to New Athos to request their help in retaking the city. Torrell tries to force them to take the prisoners with them at gunpoint but Sheppard refuses. Due to her Wraith DNA, Teyla is a Wraithkin who developed exceptionally powerful abilities once they were unlocked by hypnosis. During this time, she and Sheppard finally admitted their feelings for each other, though they kept their relationship on the down-low, as USAF regulations prohibited any relationship between a team leader and those under his command. After McKay returned to Atlantis and used a probe to find the location of the Zero Point Module, they entered the field and retrieved Sheppard. With the Wraith closing in she had no choice but to leave him and return to the Puddle Jumper. A native of the planet Athos and member of John Sheppard's team based in the city of Atlantis, and once the proud leader of the Athosians.Teyla is cautious, and must get to know someone before trusting them. Weir agreed; however, she was taken over again was subsequently stunned by Sgt. She and Sheppard, with the help of McKay and Dr. Carson Beckett, helped him fight off more of the Wraith hunting party, with Ronon leading the charge. After reviving her it is discovered that she is an alternate Dr. Elizabeth Weir. After Sheppard retrieved the ZPM they sprung the trap and overtook the Genii. (SGA: "Irresistible"), On a mission to an unnamed planet, she and her team were attacked by the villagers. She was surprised that the simple farmers turned out to be far more than they seemed. The leader of the village, Keturah, was led to believe that the Wraith would no longer cull them in return for Ronon. She followed him in the hall and confronted him. Ultimately Teyla murdered Michael by kicking his hands off of a ledge at the top of Atlantis's Control Tower, but said that in spite of his death, another will take his place as a threat to them. When Ronon Dex began to hallucinate, she and Lt. When they were released by Niam, they escaped to a Puddle Jumper and the Asuran city-ship exploded. After using salt and iodine to try to remove the Iratus bug, Dr. Carson Beckett suggested the use of a Defibrillator to stop his heart. She learns that he was the one who kidnapped her people and turned many of them into Hybrids. They put on Hazmat suits and are able to find Peterson. Sheppard did his best to evade them but had to submerge the Jumper and enter the underwater Jumper bay. She is an original member of Atlantis Reconnaissance 1. (SGA: "The Lost Tribe", "No Man's Land"), When Colonel Marshall Sumner and Major John Sheppard's team arrived on Athos, she greeted them. They returned to Atlantis and were greeted by Major Elliot Rutherford, who was preparing to mount a rescue mission. (SGA: "The Siege, Part 1", "The Siege, Part 2", "The Siege, Part 3"), After the siege, the senior staff of Atlantis returned to Earth though the Stargate. She used a control panel to shut down power in sections of the city and raised several forcefields in the corridors. When half the people that received the drug fell ill, she assisted Dr. Carson Beckett in trying to treat them but most died including Perna. Colonel John Sheppard, who takes her off the team in response. Obwohl sie menschlich ausgesehen haben mag, war Teyla eine Außerirdische und deshalb brauchten wir jemanden, dem wir den Charakter abkaufen konnten, der uns überzeugen konnte und uns nie zweifeln ließ.“, Personenbeschreibung auf Stargate-Project.de, Interview mit Joseph Mallozzi auf comettv.com, http://stargate-wiki.de/w/index.php?title=Teyla_Emmagan&oldid=338321, In einem früheren Entwurf des Drehbuchs von, Offenbar war einer der größten Streitpunkte im Beginn von, Rachel Luttrell war die letzte, die für ihre Rolle gecastet wurde. She is the daughter of Tagan and Torren Emmagan. Weitere Ideen zu stargate, stargate atlantis, science fiction serien. During a Puddle Jumper exploration of Lantea, Major John Sheppard and Lt. Aiden Ford discovered the mainland. As Michael had began to revert to a Wraith, he tried to feed on her but was shot by Ronon Dex and Lt. Movies. After the Athosians relocated to the mainland, she and her team traveled to an unnamed planet. Ro… My only regret is that his death was quick." (SGA: "Childhood's End"), On a mission to Hoff, she warned the Hoffans that if they used the Hoffan drug that the Wraith might wipe them out for being an inconvenience. Sie ist so dem Team oft eine Hilfe, da sie sich in der Pegasus-Galaxieauskennt und andere Völker kennt. Eldon, the prisoner who designed the explosives and was assigned by Torrell to help Dr. Rodney McKay fix the Jumper, offered to free them if they take him with them. Teyla stays with Sheppard's team, bu… She later confided in Rodney that her relationship with Kanaan came about when she was grieving over Kate Heightmeyer's death and found comfort with him and she did not see him again before his kidnapping by Michael. Titel: Mosquito, Gnat, and Midge Season. Dr. Rodney McKay Field Ops Teyla Wraith Queen Field Ops McKay Exclusive Athosian Teyla Featuring the cast of the hit TV show Stargate: Atlantis, this second series of … After learning that the Asurans took control of the city, Lt. A famed seer named Davos soon visited Atlantis. (SGA: "McKay and Mrs. Miller"), When Major Leonard's team went missing on M1B-129, she and her team were sent in to search for them. While Dr. Rodney McKay and Lt. She awoke on a Wraith Hive ship and Toran was the first one chosen. Beckett came up with a plan to use Iratus bug embryonic stem sells to replace Sheppard's mutating cells. She insisted on going back in and was taken over by the Wraith and Beckett pulled her out. (SGA: "Epiphany"), When Charin fell ill, she and Dr. Carson Beckett traveled to the mainland to perform an exam on her. (SGA: "The Brotherhood"), With three Wraith Hive ships on their way to Atlantis, she and Major John Sheppard traveled to a planet in their path to do recon. Mobile Version Login Registrieren. Rachel Luttrell, Actress: Stargate: Atlantis. Teyla later stands on the Atlantis balcony overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge with the rest of the senior staff and admires the view. Bei Fragen können Sie sich gerne bei mir melden. When Halling and several other Athosians were thinking of leaving Atlantis, she convinced them to stay as the investigation would only prove their innocence. Due to training from Todd while she had previously posed as his Queen, Teyla's mental powers were far more developed and she was now capable of killing Wraith with her mind and making others submit to her will as well as flying Wraith ships with ease. (SGA: "Underground"), After the discovery of M5S-224's powerful atmosphere, she traveled to Earth with Major John Sheppard to brief Stargate Command on the situation in the Pegasus galaxy. Once on the Hive, she and Tyrus stayed back to free cocooned humans while they download information to the Wraith data storage device. The team chases her inside but she hides behind a man named Zaddik. She came upon Dr. Rodney McKay who was surrounded by two Wraith warriors. Part 1 of 2. (SGA: "Instinct", "Conversion"), She and her team traveled on the Daedalus to the Ancient ship Aurora. (SGA: "The Intruder"), When Major Evan Lorne and Dr. Parrish were exploring P3M-736, they came across a Wraith corpse. Kanaan maintained his relationship with Teyla, even after their relocation to New Athos. After Charin died, she preformed the Ring Ceremony. Season 1; Season 2; Season 3; Season 4; Season 5; 2007 X-Ray TV-PG. The team is captured trying to reach Teyla and she visits them to tell them not to escape and that everything will be alright. (SGA: "The Lost Boys", "The Hive"), On a mission to an unnamed planet, her team discovered a doorway. Colonel John Sheppard. While deciphering ruins, Sheppard sent her with Ford to find the inhabitants to help with the translation. Back on Atlantis, she sparred with Ronon Dex and was impressed with his skills. (SGA: "Michael"), When the supervolcano on Taranis was about to erupt and the Stargate fell into the lava, he assisted people to the Daedalus beam out locations and to the Ancient ship Orion. They headed back to the Stargate as Sheppard felt there wasn't enough time to save anyone but were cut off when the Wraith dialed in. Colonel John Sheppard paired with Dr. Elizabeth Weir to search the station. She did as instructed but was stopped from killing him after Dr. Rodney McKay regained control of the city. Ford eventually persuaded Beckett during the eye, to return to Atlantis after learning that a Genii strike team infiltrated the city. Bates accused her of working with the Wraith and had Dr. Rodney McKay search her belongings. When she awoke, she told them that the Wraith were coming to Atlantis to get to Earth. After landing on the surface, they were introduced to Chaya Sar. When Sumner wished to search the abandoned city, she warned against it. An alternate version of Atlantis-1, dead. Fortunately, McKay was able to return to Atlantis after being shot in the glute by an arrow. When the returned, Sgt. When the team links up with Lt. (SGA: "The Game"), While trapped on a moon base that was losing orbit, she was taken hostage by Jamus and placed in the pattern storage module to ensure that Jamus' people survived. She was checked out by Dr. Carson Beckett and Dr. Kate Heightmeyer but was given a clean bill of health. Rachel Luttrell is an accomplished actress and singer who has worked in film, television, and on stage. The next day, Ronon successfully tracks a female Wraith into a cave. Sheppard was able to find Leonard's camp and patch her wound but he to began to hallucinate. She told her about several people who were taken by the Wraith but returned to the village. After Niam was reactivated and destroyed by McKay, the team paired off and headed for the shield emitters. After finding the bodies of several of the team as well as several Genii, they found a Wraith device. Colonel John Sheppard, they began to fight each other. Teyla Emmagan After a Hive ship was detected heading towards the planet, she prepared the cities defenses but they were contacted by Sheppard aboard the Hive.

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