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Far greater than the first race obviously, and that is one of the bigger tests as far as I’m concerned. We could have had a truly epic three-way showdown at Interlagos. That twitter thread where he responds is pretty good fun too for the way he handles it. That was not enough to convince many pundits who bombarded internet message boards with conspiracy theories as to why Ferrari's Felipe Massa had been denied the drivers' championship. And embarrassing in some other instances, like Silverstone with his infamous five-spin-race performed while his title rival shown a Senna-esque display of superiority to the rest of the field. Usually, when it comes down to the final race like this, there are many points lost by a driver over the season which could have all made an impact. He started his single-seater racing career in 2000 and quickly rewarded by winning the ADAC Junior Cup (2000) and the ADAC BMW Championship (2001). Even The crashgate it has nothing to do with massa driving away with The fuelrig. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! As it worked out, pitting would have made no sense because we would have lost even more time.". Yeah cos Hamilton didn’t deliver any pathetic performances in 08. Massa certainly didn’t deserve to win that day. Often untouchable even to his team mate when Ferrari was superior car and he was starting from pole. Timo Glock is a German racing driver who recorded 74 starts in the Formula 1 World Championship between 2004 and 2012, scoring four wins. In November, the CRB ruled that Glock was free to race for … He was on dry tyres on a track that was getting wetter, His tyres were losing temperature as a result & on that final lap he was clearly struggling for grip as the OnBoard shot from his car on the end of year DVD showed:, “thus denying a world title to Felipe who deserved it, because that year he was undoubtedly the best driver.”. I didn’t say he was pathetic all year. But the German told BBC Radio 5 Live … “In 2008 at Interlagos, immediately after the end of the race many of us in the Ferrari garage had more than a suspect when Glock had let pass by Hamilton a few hundred meters from the finish, thus denying a world title to Felipe who deserved it, because that year he was undoubtedly the best driver.”, However they soon realised Glock had been powerless to keep his position. Massa simply couldn’t deal with the ban on traction control. Glock had been on course to finish fourth going into the final lap and dropped to sixth when passed by Sebastian Vettel and Hamilton. Timo Glock; Glock në vitin 2011 Karriera në Formula Një: Kombësia Gjerman: Vitet aktiv 2004, 2008–2012: Ekipe Jordan, Toyota, Virgin, Marussia: Pjesmarrje 95 Kampionate 0 Fitore 0 Podiume 3 Pikët gjithsej 51 Pol pozita 0 Xhiro të shpejta 1 Pjesmarrja e parë Çmimi i madh i Kanadasë 2004: Fitorja e parë – Fitorja e fundit – Pjesmarrja e fundit Çmimi i madh i Brazilit 2012: Sezoni i fundit 20ti (0 pikë) Timo … Hahaha nobady seems to remember that Lewis had a puncture on that same race losing points as well. Real shame Timos gone - looks like the class of Hungary 2008 ( kovy 1, glock 2) is no longer in the sport, unless they can grab the final caterham or force India seat. "I was just driving my line where it was safest with dry tyres and, if Lewis had not overtaken me in that corner, he would have overtaken me on the following straight because there was no way I could go flat out on the dry tyres. JOIN OUR F1 POULE. They can all drive fast. After it’s over, there are so many races you can point to where either driver could have easily made up the deficit there was at the end of the season and usually there’s a case for the other driver as well. Timo Glock has rubbished conspiracy theories suggesting that he deliberately handed the world championship to Lewis Hamilton. Let me answer that for you – None, other than Lewis. was saying on here a few days ago Lewis got the penalty because the DATA showed that by cutting the chicane he was faster through the timing loops than on any other lap and was much closer to kimi than he would have been had he gone through the corner behind kimi. Writing about the incident recently on his blog, former Ferrari press officer Luca Colajanni admitted the team was initially suspicious about Glock’s driving immediately after the race. –) német autóversenyző. Some continue to allege Glock intentionally helped Hamilton, despite there being a clear reason why he was overtaken … Patrickl (@patrickl) 12th November 2015, 8:54. look at this video and how badly damaged the tyre was. Same can be said for Raikkonen who had just as bad a race at Felipe did as both spun 4 times because Ferrari had gone the wrong way on setup with both cars & got caught out by the wetter than expected conditions. shambolic drives in such races as silverstone, where he could barely keep his car pointing straight. All comments are moderated. It’s just a shame that BMW stopped developing their car in the middle of the year, because I felt Kubica was superb all season long in 2008. He had to come in because his fuel was gone while they knew the weather would change in a few laps again. Timo Glock (born 18 March 1982 in Lindenfels) is a German motor racing driver. (AP Photo/Christof Stache) If BMW continued developing that car, they would have been in good contention. Some Spanish newspapers carried comments from readers suggesting the climax had been fixed. "I had the car in fourth gear to minimise the wheel spin and was just concentrating on bringing it home. 2005 Long Beach Grand Prix March 2008 Before demonstration laps on a … But he figured out the whole “red means stop” thing a year before Hamilton did, so I’ve gotta give him credit for that. Take a good look at what you’re asking and expecting. “I am very happy where I am now,” he said on Twitter when asked if he wanted to return to F1. Timo Glock; Timo Glock Kanadan GP:ssä kaudella 2011. 0810-0023 Timo Glock practices a pit stop with the Toyota pit crew - 2008, Formula 1, Hockenheim, Germany, Topshot, Glock, Timo, Toyota, Pits, Speed Blur. Hamilton started 13th and finished 7th. “Great to work for a brand like BMW Motorsport. There’s zero evidence for it, so I assume it’s pure bitterness that their man didn’t win. Or did you notice that just about every race some of drivers lock up a wheel for the first corner? Timo Glock is a race car driver from Germany., Egorov (@egorov) 12th November 2015, 8:34, @todfod: But didn’t the stewards know Hamilton was the “king-of-late braking”, Patrickl (@patrickl) 12th November 2015, 8:49. I just hated those image of Nicole Sherzinger in the garage. Come on guy’s. That’s why I felt so bad for FM. Mon 3 Nov 2008 19.01 EST. StefMeister (@stefmeister) 11th November 2015, 22:23. Don’t want to go back.”. At the 2004 Canadian Grand Prix, standing in for Giorgio Pantano who had a contract dispute with Jordan, he joined a select group of drivers who have scored a World Championship point in their first Formula One race. Got a potential story, tip or enquiry? ” responses … So ??? 0810-0022 The Toyota pit crew practices a pit stop with Timo Glock - 2008, Formula 1, Hockenheim, Germany, Topshot, Glock, Timo, Toyota, Pits. Between two stints in Formula 1, Glock won the GP2 Series title in 2007. Glock on the last lap was caught out on the wrong tires, because of rain, while Hamilton under those conditions was on the right intermediate tires. German Glock finished 10th in the 2008 drivers' championship. Hamilton was unfortunate with the weather change. The rain left Glock and the front-row starter Trulli grappling to keep their cars on the track as their lap times dropped off by more than 16 seconds on the final lap. It was a difficult start yes. Ed Marques (@edmarques) 12th November 2015, 0:54. Hopefully this one can be put to bed now, for good. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. I should have been more specific in my first line, I think it’s strange that so many people think the 2008 championship was won or lost over one race. Hungary Grand Prix Photogallery. Glock driving for Toyota F1 at the 2008 Canadian Grand Prix. Required fields are marked *. Toyota had left Timo Glock and Jarno Trulli out on the dry tyre, banking on the rain staying light enough for them to go to the finish without the time lost in a pit-stop. Bafflingly, the circumstances under which Lewis Hamilton won his first world championship in 2008 remains a point of dispute for some. It was given under Ferrari and Moseley pressure. Your email address will not be published. He now races for BMW in the DTM. I wouldn’t call Monza a ‘pathetic’ performance & Silverstone was more down to Ferrari going the wrong way on setup expecting the track to dry, Kimi had just as bad a race & spun just as many times as Felipe did. I was watching and rooting for Lewis on that race, but man was he nervous. A big jump and crash for Timo Glock, Australia 2008  Here you see how Timo GLock takes a huge jump at the track of Australia and break the wheels of his Toyota because of the. Don’t mention Spa! Don’t forget about massa getting screwed over by renault and crashgate in Singapore if that doesn’t happen massa wins easily that night and probably wins the championship. In 2008, Interlagos was the season finale and hosted a title decider between McLaren's Lewis Hamilton and Ferrari's Felipe Massa. Both Lewis & Felipe had a lot of screw ups that year. Manox (@marussi) 12th November 2015, 6:34, Also The Singapore gp. Timo Glock is a German motor racing driver, currently driving in Formula One for theMarussia F1 team. Ed Marques (@edmarques) 12th November 2015, 0:55. Glock didn’t have some grunge against Massa. Latest News. Massa did the same for Kimi in 2007. Was very happy for Felipe one second and the other second for Hami! Glock has won twice in the DTM since leaving F1Asked if he would have approached the race differently given the outcome, Glock said he would not have made the change to intermediate tyres, “because we gained two positions with that strategy call”. As somebody (GTRacer?) I especially enjoy that people think one race can lose someone the championship. Unbelievable. Glock was seen trying to talk to Hamilton as he passed the McLaren in Parc Fermé at the end of the race, which fuelled the fires of conspiracy, but the new champion was too preoccupied trying to replace his steering wheel to reply. In my opinion, Singapore GP should be excluded from the 2008 championship. No need to register, buy now! He braked heavily and locked up at the first corner, causing – wait for the drama – Raikkonen to run wide and lose a few places. Its also fair to say that Lewis had just as many bad performances that year, Running into the back of Alonso at Bahrain after a bad start, The Montreal pit crash, Another bad start at the French Gp & then cutting the corner & getting a penalty as he tried to come back through the field, Awful qualifying at Monza & the mistake at turn 1 in Fuji. Massa got bonus points at Spa, but also at China when Raikkonen let him past – Massa was so slow, Raikkonen had to virtually pull over and put the hazard lights on for him to get past. That pass was critical, giving Hamilton the fifth-placed finish he needed to become the youngest ever world champion in the final race of the season. Something people ignore about Fuji is that Lewis’s race was ruined & he would have needed to pit on lap 2 even without the contact with Massa (Which was Massa’s fault) because he had flat-spotted his right/front tyre beyond the grooves at turn 1 & there’s no way he’d have been able to safely carry on for long with the tyre as badly damaged as it was. But that would change the outcome of the WDC significantly, so I understand FIA’s decision on this case. Sure, a few other drivers missed their braking point, but how skid off the circuit and ruined 2 other driver’s starts? Glock comes over as a good guy who’s happy with where he is, not just here but also on the occasions where he enriched (to my mind) the RTL.DE F1 show – great to see. Find out more about RaceFans and contact us here. There are facts regarding the last lap of the 2008 Brazilian GP, that some just choose to amazingly ignore. Very average otherwise. File:Timo Glock 2008 Canada.jpg. Test your F1 knowledge in our FREE 2021 F1 Poule and see who knows best! Patrickl (@patrickl) 12th November 2015, 8:52. It was good for ‘The Show’… a Hollywood scripted season finale race just like Messr. powersteer (@powersteer) 12th November 2015, 3:30. Toyota Formula One driver Timo Glock from Germany crashes with his car during the German Grand Prix at the Hockenheim Formula One racetrack, Germany, Sunday, July 20, 2008. Manox (@marussi) 12th November 2015, 4:32. feels wierd that my question if he wanted to return is on fanatic, in a good way :) but i wish that people would let this conspiracy die and stop asking him if he let hamilton thru. I guess we should say thank you for an extraordinary exchange with Glock. Hamilton clinched the title in a dramatic climax to the final race of the year when he passed Timo Glock on the final lap of the Brazilian Grand Prix that year. Manox (@marussi) 12th November 2015, 17:16, Always fun to see People saw The same race as i did ^^ both drivers did mistakes but Lewis ended up doing one less. Just take a look at 2:04 in the video… this would have been a penalty under any year’s regulations. It takes all 18 (for that season) races, but the pressure was massive for the last race given that it was the Championship decider. In 2008 Massa was good but certainly not the best. I get the impression that the only people who believed in this conspiracy were fans who wanted to see Massa win the title. He already spun off in the first two races which were dry. © 2021 Collantine Media Ltd | About RaceFans. I don't think I decided the championship. Glock participated in Formula 1 between 2004 and 2012, starting 91 races and earning three podiums. Maybe formula e test drive for glock in The future? Massa spun there as he just got slightly wide out of the previous corner & that put him onto the dirty part of the track for the 2nd part where he lost grip & spun. Some continue to allege Glock intentionally helped Hamilton, despite there being a clear reason why he was overtaken and the absence of any obvious motive for why he should assist his rival in his fight with Felipe Massa. Find the perfect timo glock stock photo. Toyota's Timo Glock steers his car ahead of Ferrari's Kimi Raikkonen at Hungarian F1 Grand Prix at Budapest on August 3, 2008. I know 2008 feels like last year but it really happened 7 years ago. The Toyota drivers did not, moving Glock up the order, and though he lost two positions on the final lap he still finished higher than he had been running before the rain. He then finished 3rd at the 2002 … Symptomatic of a season where Ferrari were being helped out by FIA at every opportunity. Spinning alone in Malasya and Siverstone lose him the title. Keith Collantine (@keithcollantine) 11th November 2015, 22:05. Your email address will not be published. 11th November 2015, 21:5511th November 2015, 21:56 | Written by Keith Collantine. It was really a nice show of how social media can enrich a fans live @marussi :-), Manox (@marussi) 12th November 2015, 17:19. Image of competition, glock, number - 7083368 Image of competition, glock, number - 7083368 Stock Photos its the same argument with the debate about track limits we have today, putting 4 wheels outside of the white lines on the exit of a corner may not get you ahead of a car infront but if it allows you go get closer than had you stayed inside the white lines then you gained an advantage! Ecclestone wanted. He was obviously quicker than his position demanded, he was playing too safe, and when he got passed by Vettel on a great passing move, I was thinking it was all over- and he had only himself to blame there. Timo Glock, Self: Formula 1. The 2008 Brazilian Grand Prix (formally the Formula 1 Grande Prêmio do Brasil 2008) was a Formula One motor race held on 2 November 2008 at the Autódromo José Carlos Pace, Interlagos, in São Paulo, Brazil.It was the eighteenth and final race of the 2008 Formula One season.The 71-lap race was won by Ferrari driver Felipe Massa after starting from pole position; this was the last of Massa's 11 wins. It’s sad so many people have one ‘definitive’ race when it comes to 2008, since it’s kind of revisionist to say something like that. And with these kinds of decisions over the years, Formula 1 has become increasingly dull, filled with robot drivers driving to delta times and protecting their tires rather than racing. If Massa really was unable to deal with the PC ban then he would have been nowhere all year & any year since, however he was quite competitive through 2008 & 2009 & has been more than a match for Valttri Bottas these past 2 years in cars where the lack of TC is a far bigger issue due to the substantial amount of torque the current engines produce. So if we are talking about “what could have been” then Hamilton won that race. 2008-ban a Toyota Formula–1-es csapat versenyzőjeként tért vissza, 2010 és 2012 között a Marussia F1 … Glock needs to be banned from FIA sanctioned events for life. Promoted content from around the web | Become a RaceFans Supporter to hide this ad and others, bosyber (@bosyber) 11th November 2015, 22:04. That looked seriously dangerous too, because all the others guys were braking well on time. Monaco, Monza or Brazil that same year for example. Just the last race Massa flew past. Yes (@come-on-kubica) 12th November 2015, 13:36. He was in those races. The best independent Formula 1 community anywhere. His last season in F1 was … … Continuing his great form in 2008, Hamilton rode victories in five races to clinch the drivers’ championship. Such a shame, What Briatore pulled out in Singapour denied Massa his world title, not Glock in Brazil…, Ed Marques (@edmarques) 11th November 2015, 23:39. Kanil (@kanil) 11th November 2015, 23:43. Other then that one of the finer moments in F1. JackySteeg (@jackysteeg) 11th November 2015, 22:41. Mangy Black Sheep (@mangyblacksheep) 12th November 2015, 14:38. It was a pointless penalty for an incident where nobody was hurt and where there was no contact or damage. Read more Timo Glock News » Current Drivers. Bafflingly, the circumstances under which Lewis Hamilton won his first world championship in 2008 remains a point of dispute for some.. Hamilton clinched the title in a dramatic climax to the final race of the year when he passed Timo Glock on the final lap of the Brazilian Grand Prix that year. @edmarques, Hamilton would have even won that race. "We couldn't do anything about it and had to stay out on dry tyres. Timo Glock (Lindenfels, NSZK, 1982. március 18. And Toyota had no reason to help anyone or some close relationship with Mclaren. Look at Raikkonen that weekend at Monza he could only get to 9th & the week before in Spa as soon as it began to rain Kimi went from leading fairly comfortably in the dry to been under serious pressure from Lewis & eventually in the wall & As I said both Ferrari’s spun 4 times in the wet at Silverstone. George (@george) 12th November 2015, 18:08. yes he let kimi past but he didn’t give back the time he gained and this allowed him to be much closer to kimi than he otherwise would have been and this helped him get past at the next corner.

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