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Kenny Powers is not returning anytime soon, but the next best person is when Danny McBride returns to HBO with VICE PRINCIPALS. If you’d like to see a show added to this list please comment here! HBO2 EAST, Westworld 08: “Trace Decay” – Thu, Jun 8, 8:57PM ET Indians whatever they are ? That’s crazy. Thought it was brilliant. She did a great job and creating truly awkward moments but there were far too many. phone whenever I call him because of all the bad advises that his friend It is totally feasible with the brand-new technologies available for laptop computer and also desktop computers. hbo has game of thrones and westworld. it now looks like Westworld will start sun sep 11 instead of the summer, Well it looks like of the night will get the 9 o’clock summer slot. genital hair, which is called a “merkin” or a pubiic wig, to conceal her To continue promising you a malware-free catalog of programs and apps, our team has integrated a Report Software feature in every catalog page that loops your feedback back to us. aren’t HBO shows. I really want to see it, and know allot of others who want to see it too, sure this is because Anna Torv is in it, but you shouldn’t care why as long as they watch! Can’t wait for the new season of “Girls”. I’d like to see a historical series about the Buffalo Soldiers from the Indian Wars through Korea. That show was awesome and cancelling it really pisses me off! Seriously what’s up with Game of Thrones??? i love the show. Mostly, I like that HBO has many shows that pass the Bechdel Test. You can easily find out though as it is underway. season 1 was great and please dont change the intro its one of the best intros and fits the show perfectly and even the intro has mccohnaughey and woody it in. Right now that is True Blood, Newsroom, and Game of Thrones. Not sure if it’s coming back for a 4th season. how to make it in America was AWSOME! This gives you double protection since both servers don’t have any IP information and keep your surfing properly hidden. I suspect it will launch in Jan.of 2016. I enjoyed HUNG, to bad they could of had a great ending. I’m no Bill Maher fan to be sure but there’s room for everyone. That series ends right before Labor Day. I only got it to watch “The Newsroom.” Which I did. HOW MANY TIMES CAN YOU SHOW HAROLD AND KUMAR, BRIDESMAIDS,HARRY POTTER,BACK TO THE FUTURE,THE DILEMMA,IN TIME,THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW, HANGOVER,50 FIRST DATES, ETC.ETC. game of thrones needs to be longer it was getting so good and then all of a sudden it was over what happened with everything the dragon lady and everyone else please some how make the next one awesome and worth watching, Love the show Game of Thrones and Enlightened but just loved Girls. Hmm really have no idea. Replacing Peter Dinklage with Warwick Davis? Sorry bad move don’t make a change like that after 3 seasons. Girls meh. Though, Hbo web site has WESTWORLD 2016 and with production ending soon, my guess ,is now WestWorld starts this fall. Although the newsroom has a “Left Wing” adgenda, I really like it. Jeff Daniels as well as the other cast were fantastic and I wish you would bring the show back. HBO2 will be showing Episodes 1 – 60 beginning on 06.21 through 07.03 but at various times. HBO sucks now, if they have a good show they’ll kill it or ruin it like true blood. Sorry to hear about Hung and BtD. At first i was undecided,skeptical and doubtful, but i just gave it a try. I laughed, I cried and I reminisced. Good Laugh! HBO Max, the new mega streaming service that combines content from Warner Bros. and HBO launches today. it is so good that my wife actually watched the 65 episodes in chinese and she is vietnamese. Oh and if your sex session is 35 mins of nothing, and 5 mins of fun I bet your partner is equally bored as I am of this. 12 eps really? I think that they should bring back or do a new version of OZ. The development of each Ah that’s unfortunate. I love, love, love The Newsroom. HBOWatch is not affiliated with HBO. Please spell his name correctly. HBO is screwed… All they have is Game of Thrones. It’s been on HBOgo for a while now if you just want to link your computer to your TV instead of going through your cable provider. Without at least 2 of the 3 there’s is no point. As promised we will give you the news of anything further as we get it. Are they kidding? Are past seasons of Game of Thrones not available on HBO OnDemand? . .And of course “Real Time With Bill Maher”….Mr.,,, http://gameofthronesseason5episode1hd[dot]com, http://hbogameofthronesseason5news[dot]com/,,, I recommend anyone who is in my old situation to try it. The books have so much more then the series can fit in. think Getting On is not just a funny sit-com, but a compassionate and humorous way of introducing into the American public dialog a taboo subject too many of us have been avoiding. Someone at HBO must be reading a lot of good books lately. I’d expect it alongside Boardwalk Empire & Enlightened. You’re the racist here, bubba. Maher makes a concerned citizen think through their own point of view or consider another. I agree. I too will miss “How to Make it in America!” I am also disappointed to learn there will be no more “Enlightened,” “Hung,” or “Bored to Death!” I do not understand why shows like “Eastbound and Down,” which I love, or “Family Tree” get slots whereas great shows, like the ones mentioned, are cancelled!?! Yeah they sometimes play it on President’s Day or other patriotic holidays but otherwise you’ll need to grab it on DVD or Blu-Ray. Ah yes, if things don’t go boom and pow they’re boring -_- this is why good american shows (firefly, carnivale in particular) get cancelled too often. Incorrect. They let the people do whatever they want with THEIR show and thats why they turn out so great. Our servers are up 99.9% of the time. Love Bored to Death and cannot believe it has been cancelled. VeePN download offers the usual privacy and security features while ensuring good speed and anonymity. or call him All good things come to an end. Yeah, I wish we were privy to HBO’s decisions on what stays and what goes. I agree. That eliminates almost all of their current lineup. Agreed. Our team performs checks each time a new file is uploaded and periodically reviews files to confirm or update their status. It is the smartest show I’ve ever seen. I loved this show!! I am personally tired of watching the same old crap on HBO ! There are only two redeeming qualities, Jeff Daniels and Emily Mortimer… the rest of the cast and story is.. meh. Not that ur trying to be factual cuz it’s a show but NOT ALL black come from slavery…all you people with college degrees should know this…Benjamin Banner etc…. You are solely responsible for any use of the service. that is – not worth18.00 a month on dtv after B.E. The fact you liked Entourage suggests your opinion is stupid and can’t be trusted. One of the best crime movies of all time was Se7en….. If you follow George R.R. I’m thinking they will have to air it sometime before season 5 starts. Last year 10 episodes in season 3? “7 Days In Hell” is an HBO movie just announced for July 11th, “Doll and Em” should be moved from “cancelled”, “Big Little Lies” has just been confirmed. i don’t know whose decision are these but i know one thing.. he’s definitely a moron.. I see on IMDb it had it as first in pre-production, then in post-production, now it say TV movie, I hope that means that your going to give a chance as a series too, especially if the movie does well! That’s what I heard. It killed me to no end that it was cancelled as that was the next best thing ever after the Sopranos. Make another Season…………NOW! he’s a prick, I hate em. That was a surprisingly good show. Half of what you read states it will appear yet in 2016 while others say it will make a great launch for Winter 2017. The Deuce and 2nd season of Vinyl this winter… but will see. Should I torrent Game of Thrones, or get a subscription to HBO Go? Actual character development and plot requires too much brain power. to your residence? “oh no, how dare they? :( ain’t fair i want it now ! I figure you brought up that movie because of it being about gay men and Open having a lesbian character, am I right? That was a series I was hoping would be around for years. GAME OF THRONES will appear on HBONow/Go at the same time as it airs on TV. Source: . THE WIRE’s Simon/Pelecanos Return to Baltimore & HBO, GAME OF THRONES Celebrates Its Tenth Anniversary on HBO, HBO Eyeing Miscellany of GAME OF THRONES Content. Maher is pretty nearly a rabid Liberal, whereas I fall between the Libertarian and centrist ConConservative camps. we cant wait that long mann! Now rating has increased in ten-fold!!! What a shame. i could care less about upcoming lineups i need to see the actual “tv guide” It means a benign program is wrongfully flagged as malicious due to an overly broad detection signature or algorithm used in an antivirus program. Watch Insecure Online, *On The Air* Last Week Tonight With John Oliver, Painting With John I agree with you 100% about THE FIRM! Yep, we should go to a crowd sourcing possibility so fans can continue series, and not be dependant on network idiots. To the show, keep up the great work. BILL MAHER IS AN ATHEISTIC HEATHEN WITH NO RESPECT FOR ANYONE INCLUDING HIS DUMBASS LIBERAL WHACKED OUT FRIENDS. season 3.. i hope we are still alive at march 31st 2013. Ugh what? I loved it so much and want more then anything to bring back both Rome and Deadwood. its not really like it but i love the tudors just cuz its a great story but they do have action in it. Boardwalk, Game of Thrones are awesome shows…hopefully Curb comes back…getting annoyed w/ True Blood but i still watch it…glad Eastbound is coming back…i watch all the big mainstream shows too but why arent people raising hell for these cancelled shows? Yes, I would also like to know when HBO will be airing Parade’s End. Moreover, you can use custom DNS servers. Any news on the Untitled [David] Ayer Political Series that was announced in February? Still upset about all three of those. I’m not sure what you are asking. Will there be a “True Detective, Season 3?” If so, any ETA for its premiere? Sex and the City, The Sopranos, Big Love, Six Feet Under, Deadwood, Carnivale, etc. if it wasnt for boardwalk or boxing I would leave hbo aready…, the fact that you think hung was for guys.. cracks me up…, Its a reminder for guys how gullible woman are and we should be taking full advantage of this fact. Other shows broadcast a lot more episodes!!!!!!! SHOWS!! I’m sad! If they stuck to the books some of the most favorite characters (Lafayette) wouldn’t be part of it, and even some of the relationships would change. Wow a disappointment. Dont be so ignorant Abasi. If thousands of people right in it could come back. plz,plz plz don’t take this wonderful series off the air. “im so glad HBO cancelled Hung, Bored to Death and How to Make it in America” said NO ONE EVER!!!! I haven’t seen every episode either…I may just do that myself! Sign in to HBO MAX from 2021. I appreciate your updates. Seemed like they were done. Thanks for your info. Neanderthal. So get a hold of some DVD’s and reacquaint yourself with the characters! She is a GODDESS…. Your guess is as good as ours. “One Moment Away – The Afters”. So many stars were scattered throughout the show and it was fun to watch different unrelated stories every week. Compared to other VPN services, this one is a preferred option due to the ‘No Log’ policy. the final episode just aired on 12.28. I am hungry for some of the spicy gumbo that is Treme. So that means it could appear on HBO by the end of this year or early 2018 at the latest. episodes do have a few scenes of full female nudity. The ensemble cast, balanced in such a way you can see the importance of each character realistically within the plots. I hear shortened true blood LAME!!!! He was one of the greatest storytellers in history. None of you are very bright, especially H. Clinton! For those who don’t know it Audra McDonald’s performance in this piece quickly became legendary. Tonight, instead of the dreg on HBO, it’s back-to-back ‘Inspector Lewis’ for me. It might be a long wait. The program has a simple interface, a well-organized design, and comes with multi-language support in case you experience any issues, lags, or crashes. Luck is an entirely different story, I don’t give a shit about the horse that died bring my show back. Thank you . It’s gonna be a great loss, for journalism students above all. Although, I love True Blood, Boardwalk Empire, and Newsroom. We have no confirmation of a premiere date yet. Here's the list of compatible devices, streaming apps and cable providers. Seriously though, I cannot wrap my head around this format, putting the months first. Wasn’t girls on to be shown on february????? If the download doesn't start automatically, click here. For good. it would be a major hit in the USA. Girls not airing until 2014!!?? I’m not going to lie, I lost interest in the show after that happened. What the Hell. However, the streaming sites are NOT a part of the free preview weekend. people would go ape shit (in a good way) if they brought back a couple of these that deserved to carry on. See ya :(. We get it Republicans bad, liberals good!’s Schedule module can provide answers or you can clarify your inquiry here and we will assist. Sunday, September 11. :)). Thanks for your comment though!.. It starts on 08/24 in the U.K and it would be lovely if we had a date for it in the States please. He always threatens me on Girls is cool, especially when they do quirky things, which is all the time, just like real girls. Hung was just starting to get really good…. Why so long a wait? I watch The Game of Thrones every so often but I don’t look forward to it like BE and TB….so when they go, I guess I wont need HBO anymore….Showtime never had any series that I liked…My Dish Network doesn’t have the contract with Starz and it’s associated channels for me to watch on line while I am on the road working so….I guess it is back to basic cable for me….save a bit of money. I am sooo happy to hear that Treme will return in the fall of 2012! He has a job and stopped drinking and keeping irrelevant Boy! Filmovi, serije, sport, vesti, dokumentarni program. Deadwood was a great show. HBO & One comma or nothing. Rome was cancelled due to the enormity of the budgets required to produce it. no pun intended why is the break for true blood sooo long havent they taken enough time already with breaks in the seasons now we gotta wait over six months argh!!! Had to troll through several sites including HBO GO app to find this site. The program gives information about server load, helping you to make smart choices. It has everything (except people shooting each other–so far at least). I saw Scott Speedman on Chelsea Lately this week (of February 17th) and he actually mentioned OPEN and that they were starting filming this week, in fact the very next morning. I now watch 7 Showtime series. Now after waiting for-EV-er… I have to wait until JUNE to see the second season? AirDate:  New installment the last Tuesday Night of the month @ 10:00pm, Random Times of the Year – watch for HBOWatch coverage. brought the end of Treme, Enlightened, and Eastbound & Down; this Martin then you know he takes a long time to write a book. HBO has a lot of great stuff coming to replace those shows. We’re not sure yet! A list of all the movies on the channel and its sites for the month? God, first Deadwood and now this? Being that Comcast wants to charge me to watch the final season of SOA thru on demand ain’t that about a bitch. Any news about Anna Torv doing the HBO series Open? I didnt see it jn this list. Holy crap that was so freaking zen. Have been waiting for a year–love the book! But Terriers is much better than stupid shows like The League,Anger Management, and Russel Brands show which all had multiple seasons. I enjoyed 3yrs of love and sweet romance as his wife before the devil came into our home, his ex-girlfriend worked voodoo on him, she made him show me the bad side of him and also caused our divorce. True Blood and Girls is my only other two I watch, But Hung is what got me to watch all of the other series. Awesome thank you! But everyone to his/her taste. Make it a few years after the end of season 2 showing the reign of Augustus. If you don’t like America move away who anti-American idiot. i dont understand why they keep cancelling all of the good shows and leaving all these stupid shows on that nobody likes. Rome, Carnival and The Wire. “Luck” should NOT have been cancelled. We’re just fans here at HBOWatch but I’d like to see another show that appeals to the people who loved those other HBO guy comedies. The worst move HBO ever made was canceling True Blood.I will be canceling my HBO subscription as soon as True Blood ends. Thanks to Dr Sk for saving my life from Hiv Aids….Am now negative. 1st time since 1997 considering canceling; Newsroom should have stayed, then True Blood gets a little stale & gone. Not HBOgo but the on demand. Song of Ice and Fire is doing well, Dark Tower was great until the ending, American Gods is a great idea even though they should totally do Sandman. Here are several legit ways to watch HBO online with shows like Game of Thrones, Westworld and John Oliver streaming live. I love game of thrones I would say its one of the best series HBO has brought out to date. !! Sadly, with HBO’s whole 2016 season pushed back we don’t even know when the next season will premiere let alone see any reruns. …sorry, i disagree that this show appeals to all women-frankly i find it SCARY that young women today act this insipid and shallow. Or how about a Tom Hanks/Liam Neeson, or even a Al Pachino/Robert Deniro reunion? ... would in the end the program would not be renewed for the same reason. It’s been a long we don’t have internet & would like to watch reruns of game of thrones….any idea when they will start the reruns?? development. Political Correct, im excited about ‘The Newsroom’ ‘s 2nd season – BEST SHOW since carnivale. Sword of Truth was made into a TV series. It is a frustration for the fans for sure. A friend told me about watching a series on HBO No 1 Lady Detective agency On Demand. Ending it at 3 seemed too short for such a successful comedy. Good app. The only reason I have hbo is for Game of Thrones and haven’t finished season 4 yet. They also show that black people buy all the right consomer products , insurance ect. Complain. Like other VPN services, you only need to choose a subscription plan, enter your email address, make the payment, and set up some configuration options. Too long!! WAKE UP he lied. omg i cant believe i have to wait so long for the next seasons of Game of Thrones and true blood only reason i got HBO was because of these 2 shows very disappointed i have wait so long, Quality takes time to create, patience is a virtue :). You could always read the books it’s based off of during the wait :) The first two seasons were based off the first and second book respectively, so you can just read those two if you don’t want to get ahead of the show, seasons 3and4 might be trickier to do this with though since they’re going to split the third book into two seasons. In my experience, the majority of people are no longer individual thinkers and theeeffort required to be fully informed is just too much trouble. Look at EXPAT’s comment: a perfect example of why we Americans don’t care what we’re thought of. HBO doesn’t seem to entertain the notion of taking on the saving old series from other sources, except from the BBC. Kenny Powers is the man and hit the end way to damn soon. It’s ratings are through the roof, it’s actors are top notch, and I can’t think of anyone who watched that show and would ever want it cancelled so what’s going on? So there isn’t going to be a Newsroom season 4? i agree! Run the installer and follow instructions, No thanks, continue to download Free VPN by VeePN. Hello, my name is Miss faith, I’m from USA. HBO2 EAST, Westworld 02: “Chestnut” – Mon, Jun 5, 9:09PM ET I, Personally, am glad they are not following the books from A-Z…it gives it it’s own spice and personality. For those of you who are looking for a great series and have not checked that one out, I highly recommend it. In HD it literally looks as if someone (at the last This response sounds like a pro Trump Russian robot! Maintenance of the servers is half of the success of a good VPN, and we are investing in our servers to provide you with the protection you deserve. Love to know when season two of GAME OF THRONES will be released on DVD for purchase. True Blood, Newsroom, and Game of Thrones is the only reason I have HBO. Cinnemax commercials are often on HBO. However my heart was broken when I seen it in writing NO MORE TRUE BLOOD… I watched the series finale and I liked the way it ended. Season One & Two can be seen on HBOGo. Yeah! I’m not familiar with the show you refer to or the personality. I want to be entertained not boared to tears. South where they have had so much luck of late. Additionally, the VPN service has advanced features, such as a ‘No Log’ policy, a ‘Double VPN’ functionality, etc. Were you not around for Rome? When AMC and FX have just as many upcoming series and current series that rival their own! Living on Video, Divorce, Brothers in Atlanta and aren’t mentioned here. Nothing happens in each episode. BANSHEE will return for its eight-episode fourth and final season Jan. 29, 2016, exclusively on CINEMAX. This show is not based on our history though is it. they would never do that, he is too popular people would flip out, It’s a big whoosh on Alice’s part. I love Laura Dern. I dont feel that carnivale got closure at all and it was truly fantastic. Bring back Detroit’s happiness consultant basketball coach!!!! I just copied your comment in my own post to HBO. I really loved that show and the mixtapes they published. The thing about HBO is they keep coming back with hit after hit. I’ve been away from HBO for a bit? happen HBO? Very hard to find good television these days. Funny you should ask.. no premiere date yet but we did just post this tidbit: This is why I dumped HBO. The less I hear about Treme the more I worry. Philip Marlowe -old hbo series – hbo should air re-runs. \Season 1 – 3 Available on HBO and HBO Max, New installment the last Tuesday Night of the month @ 10:00pm. It deserved way many more seasons than one. See past shows like STRIKE BACK;  RELLIK; OUTCAST, BANSHEE, TRACKERS, C. B. I’m currently halfway through the book and am really looking forward to this! will the defiant ones documentary be released on dvd? “Adam [McKay] and I are thrilled to be able to participate in the California Film Commission tax credit program for our HBO series about the Los Angeles Lakers. Kind of makes you think about these 20 minute shows like GIRLS and Entourage that come/came out once a year with plots that are a fraction as complicated as GOT or Boardwalk. We will get on that. I would like it very much if HBO would please bring Bored To Death back for another season! That;s what Cable TV is now. Most shows that have a gay character only have gay male characters, the few that have a lesbian in it, has them more in the background and not as a lead character! I had a coutdown as my homepage for months. The books are wayyy better then anything they filmed for the show. True Blood: June 10th HBO2 EAST, Westworld 07: “Trompe L’Oeil” Thu, Jun 8, 8:00PM ET ROME was canceled because it was INSANELY expensive for HBO to make. Ever heard of “Sex and the City”? 2 seasons was way to short for such a stroke of genius!! Such a build up to work with… The series ended with the reign of Caeser Augustus. Oh no! Same as with Sports Night. Yeah, don’t you hate disrespectful people. To Peggy Hoover, Ray Donovan is on Showtime. Buy this first season of "The Newsroom" and I … The showrunner didn’t want the final season rushed and Sundays (the only night HBO debuts its series) in Summer were full with TRUE BLOOD and THE LEFTOVERS. It has comedy, drama, and most importantly a great series that covers main events/topics that the world should be paying attention to. When it comes to P2P file sharing and secure browsing, this VPN download is one of the most efficient choices. Bring back HOW TO MAKE IT IN AMERICA you assholes!!!! tics me right off how i have to wait a year or two to find out what happens next. The rest of the shows are crap. The Forgotten Crime Thriller Series You Can Stream On HBO Max Warner Bros. Television Distribution By Nikki Munoz / March 30, 2021 3:44 pm EDT / … We get tried of saying it, but your outburst demands we repeat once again – Aaron Sorkin himself ended THE NEWSROOM not HBO. Would rather have reports from people out amongst the stories not someone commenting on news events like Bill Maher. you think i’m being facetious? I hate politically correct feminist driven character artistically peals their layers to revealed true depth. You better make more than 8 episodes that last more than just 20 minutes! Though I’m guessing BWE/Treme premiere in September and Enlightened might start up 10 weeks later in the Fall/ early winter. What Please be fair and give Open a chance, instead of leaving it in limbo! I can’t believe all the good stuff is gone now on HBO. The Jeni Kohan project has completed shooting its pilot episode with Gus vas Sant directing. Bring back “How to make it in America” and “Hung” … definitely “How to make it in America”. It’s renewed for a second season and rumored to be premiering early! Newsroom is intellectual and entertaining. Until then just keep on keeping up with the Kardashians and watching teen mom you dult.. Liberal drible. It says The Wire is running in marathon Dec 26, but that’s from 2014, not 2015 as described here. Those girls represent that age; yes, they are all white and obviously self-indulged kids of quasi wealth. well about 8 months before the walking dead aired, i constantly sending hints to hbo they should do a zombie survival series would of been a home run :). I assume by “guts” you aren’t by chance referring to “Luck”? I really liked that show. “HBO continues to take the risks of producing cutting-edge television programs that other networks don’t have the guts to make.” Lol. Game of Thrones is one HBO2 EAST, Westworld 06: “The Adversary” – Wed, Jun 7, 8:57PM ET No release date yet but we’ll post it when we get one. now it looks like I have no choice because HBO is no longer available on dish network. and if those shows werent getting the ratings to justify at least some closure w/ a final season, WTF are you people that subscribe to HBO thinking? Who would think those two have those kids!! I love “Newsroom” ! I wouldn’t be surprised if the filmed version is being saved as a big gift at Holiday time. He is obviously a very good dramatic serie, the script is original, instigator and the dramatic flair of the series will take the audience to the 70s . Sooooo disappointed that this is the last season of True Blood. What about John From Cincinnati? Do you want a list of the Saturday night premieres for Feb? I LOVED Rome. I’m canceling hbo after true blood, hbo cancels everything premature..i hope everyone else cancels their subscription too…. I will miss True Blood too. GOT is very unique in the sense that the show is following the author literally book by book.

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